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Project Overview

Two conscious consumers and lovers of beauty products and services noticed it had always been a struggle for people to sort out exactly which beauty-related brands and products were the best for them to use.

Their aim with the BoBoxes e-commerce website was to revolutionize the way people discover, buy, and try new beauty products online in the region.


Implement a payment gateway

Ensure a superior mobile experience

Critical deadlines


Users needed to find beauty products and services online, that’s why BoBoxes reunited a team of experts to carefully handpick products to match their unique preferences that can be delivered fast and straight to their door on a monthly basis.


We started with a Discovery Session and research since it was key for our team to have a clear understanding of our customer’s business needs, products, audience, and competitors.

We helped our customer to set down each and every requirement needed for the e-commerce website so that we could plan accordingly. Some of the things that we took into account were business goals, budget, deadlines, branding, products, logistics, accounting and taxes, customer engagement, and lead generation.

Choosing the right platforms was the next step. The e-commerce solutions we chose for this project were WordPress with WooCommerce hosted in AWS. The main factors we considered for this technical decisions were: Technical expertise, personalization, support, scalability, security, upgrades, maintenance, new features costs, SEO, mobile-friendliness, payment gateways, shipping options, flexible pricing, catalog browsing, inventory and order management, customer account, analytics, reporting, and last but not least, our client experience. WordPress is currently the world’s most popular website builder and CMS platform. As a result, our customer was already familiar with it, so it was really easy for them to manage both the site and store.

Our team and customer focused on choosing different key aspects that determined the looks of the website such as a premium template, colors, logos, layouts, content hierarchy and architecture, product imagery, and usability to allow users to easily accomplish and access everything from the website.

The development phase determined the functionality of the e-commerce platform. Every single design feature of the website was created during this integration process. Some of the steps that took place were: Set up the local and staging environments, create the overall site frontend pages, configure email delivery, customize/create email templates, add blog posts, add products to the store including upsells and cross-sells, apply pricing rules and create coupons, add shipping options, integrate the payment gateway and run tests in sandbox and production mode, create users and set their permissions and roles, and integrate third-party APIs and Google Analytics.

The Quality Assurance team tested and analyzed the complete functionality of the e-commerce website, mainly to make sure that it performed smoothly on multiple devices and platforms.

We wanted to make sure that the people who needed to use the platform on a daily basis felt comfortable and actually were empowered to manage the site and make changes themselves. It was on us to not only hand over the keys but teach them to drive. Scheduling training sessions for our customer and employees to show them how to use their website was an incredibly important stage we did before launching the site. This was done through video, hands-on training, and putting together a personalized site manual with screenshots and step-by-step explanations.

The DevOps team performed the migration of the e-commerce platform from the development server to the production server so the site was finally accessible to all users in a secure manner.


A mobile-friendly, SEO optimized, easy-to-navigate, and visually appealing website

Secure and easy-to-use checkout and cart functionalities

Content and Inventory Management capabilities with promotion, discount and reporting tools

"Thank you for making our dream come true and delivering us the product we wanted and needed."

Lucía Cladellas


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