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Project Overview

Atavus is not only a web application, it is a Digital Tackling Academy which provides coaches with resources to have better tackling techniques. It is a whole portal for coaches to learn techniques that allows them to focus on improving their defense so that players play safe.

They came to us with a clear idea: Make a web portal where they could share content for training, preparing, and certifying coaches. Within the portal, they needed to carry data that allows them to improve defensive performance and maximize player safety through data-driven tackle training.


User-friendly interface to present content

Intuitive navigation

Reporting from collected data


Our customer needed a portal to certify its trainers, which should provide a friendly, intuitive, and easy-to-use user experience. Through this platform, the users should be able to enter to video content and information regarding training, considering that a coach is not necessarily a technological person. In fact, his job normally does not involve the use of digital tools.


Our first action item was to hold a Discovery Session, we needed to identify the customer’s and users’ needs to be able to recommend the best technologies to develop the best solution that would fit both needs.

After defining the solution, we dimensioned all the work that needed to be done and that was how we were able to make estimates and determine the resources that we were going to need in terms of the development team, the design team, the quality control team, management, among others.

The hands-on work started, we began with the branding hand-in-hand with the user experience, having constant interactions with the Atavus Product Owner who collaborated a lot with the design team to create the desired user experience. After that, it was time to give life to that experience. The development team, backend and frontend, turned the designs and of course the logic into a tangible solution, which our quality control team ensured that the delivered solution was free of bugs and met the acceptance criteria defined by the customer.


Tailored solution to the customer's needs

Flawless execution in every stage

Rapid response to new requirements

"I want to personally thank the talented team at Applaudo for the thought leadership, drive, spirit of partnership, and the graceful ability to navigate a myriad of challenges you and the team brought to table everyday to help us achieve our strategic objectives. Applaudo has been, and will continue to be, instrumental in supporting our high school and certification initiatives and could not be more excited about the potential opportunities to this partnership going forward."

Will Sickles

Head of Product

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