Our Work



ALTV is a digital multimedia company based in Ireland looking to create a breakthrough in the digital TV networks for the Middle East. Their website showcases videos uploaded by their users and features online-video stars. This custom solution creates a community of publishers and viewers by allowing them to comment, discuss and like the shared content.



The site had to be optimized for slow cellular networks which are very common in the Middle East, with a language toggle feature between English and Arabic, including a full dynamic swap of the page elements to accommodate to the right-to-left reading nature of the intended audience.



We architected an AngularJS based website to quickly iterate through features like language toggling, commenting, like and sharing actions. This approach also allowed the solution to dynamically update the website without consuming much data, resulting in faster load speeds and better experience for their visitors. The website functionality is powered by an API engine built on the Laravel framework, connected with Ooyala APIs to deliver videos and track user analytics for ALTV.

Technologies Involved

  • Angular
  • HTML5
  • PHP


  • Web App