We are Applaudo Studios
By applaudo

While we are new to the blog scene, we’ve been building native mobile applications for iOS and Android for over 5 years. We quickly added muscle to our team with senior front-end and back-end web developers shortly thereafter. We are proud to be a family of over 65 employees who all share a passion for technology. That’s about where our similiarities end.

Our diversity in taste ranges from Games of Thrones addicts to FC Barcelona fanatics to car enthusiasts. We believe it takes a village of fine developers, experienced project managers, skilled dev managers, creative designers and fearless executive leaders to build high quality mobile and web applications.

Being a part of something, whether that is a football club or a car club, surrounding oneself with like-minded people with shared passion is why our executive team at Applaudo Studios are members of three elite programs. The Forbes Technology Council, the Forbes Agency Council and YEC. We are called upon for our expertise in the mobile and web software space to contribute for Forbes.com. We will highlight those articles and our contributions here in our blog. Come back soon and learn more about our points of view of the future of technology .