The Power of a Globally Distributed Team

Ana Morales
By Ana Morales

This year Applaudo team members have been all over the globe. Whether working remotely, going to conferences or meeting with customers, each one of them was making big things happen outside Applaudo. 

Part of being a Nearshore Software Development company is keeping in mind that most of our customers will be international. Some of the challenges we face every day are: different time zones, cultures, and languages. But… How do we overcome them? We have a globally distributed team. 

Our headquarters are in San Salvador. This is where our development center is located, where most of our team members are, basically where the magic happens. On the other hand, our customers are in more than 15 active locations across the United States and Latin America. But we don’t let boundaries keep us apart when our customers need us or when we want to reach new markets.

Talent is now global

Our teams can effectively work globally coordinated from El Salvador. Just take a look at where our team is and has been:

  1. Katina Kenyon was in Singapore at Dell Women’s Entrepreneur Network Summit 2019. Connecting, inspiring and sharing with entrepreneur women from around the world.
  2. Jaime Garcia, Chief Operating Officer, was in San Francisco for a 3-days Agile Leadership Training Program, whose objective is to help each member explore their ability and capacity as a coach and leader and determine areas of improvement.
  3. Sarah Ball, VP of Business Development, is in Arkansas attracting new customers, setting meetings, and coordinating all of this away from El Salvador, but staying in daily communication with our team.
  4. Our commercial team has traveled to Honduras, Los Ángeles, Chile, Seattle, Haiti, and Miami for customer meetings. Do our customers need us to travel to their location? No problem, we can do it. We are not limited to our offices in El Salvador to meet with you.
  5. Andrés Oksengberg, one of our recent partners from Brain Food, is hiring Data Scientists for Applaudo in Chile.
  6. We have team members who work remotely from their country. Where? Raúl is in Costa Rica, Rafael and Juan in Mexico, Pablo in Guatemala and Evaldas in Lithuania. More than 6 countries from where we work to achieve one same goal.

A perfect fit for your project

The main characteristic of our services is the full transparency and interaction that our customers have with their selected teams. They get to know each other and they are able to manage real-time communication. This helps both our team and customer to avoid misunderstandings and to deliver projects on time. 

Having a globally distributed team allows us to reach new markets, meet new talents, learn from top executives and leaders from different countries, deliver world-class projects and keep constant communication with our customers.

We are closer to you than you think.