12 Strategies That Will Improve Your Account-Based Marketing Efforts

Ana Morales
By Ana Morales

Account-based marketing is a business-to-business strategy that concentrates sales and marketing to more targeted accounts, delivering personalized campaigns based on customers' needs.

Brands used to broadcast the same message to each of their audiences. This was the common suggestion. However, now with consumers data and insights, businesses have changed the game.

In order to approach their target, brands need to make their messages different for each audience, helping to resonate and stand out.

“For ABM to work, you need collaboration between marketing and sales. Find a champion or a few champions on the sales side to participate, commit and vocalize the results. Educate sales on how ABM leads are to be treated differently in terms of personalization and timing in order to be effective. Gain consensus on metrics. Short-term marketing ROIs are not right for ABM, long-term revenue is.”

Katina Kenyon, VP of Sales and Marketing

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