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Work meets balance in quarantine times

Improve your work-life balance with these tips.

Quarantine has become one of the biggest rule-makers in the history of the job industry. Everyone has had to adapt to the “new normal” and discovered its own obstacles in order to make it work, without losing quality and productivity. We could spend hours talking about the way that companies have adapted their process to be able to be functional and profitable by adapting entire business models to a virtual mode; nevertheless, there is an important related topic, that sometimes it’s not given the relevance that it should: balance between work and life for the employee.

Yes, our colleagues are at home, and even if their home is the new office, this doesn’t mean that they are at work all the time. Actually, nowadays it’s very common to hear opinions about the fact that work has become more stressful and exhausting just because it’s being done from home, something that maybe some people thought that they would never say. That’s why it’s so vital to promote and emphasize the importance of the equilibrium between the hours that are dedicated to meetings, projects and teamwork, and the time that belongs to their personal life.

So, you may be wondering, how can I, as a manager, look after the mental and emotional health of my team; or as a worker, different options to avoid an absorbent routine, that may result in demotivation, depression, and even diseases. That’s why we brought you a little guide of activities and suggestions for you to create a healthy work-life relationship.

1. You are the priority

We all prioritize our tasks and to-do lists with our own criteria but usually are based on relevance or due dates. However, a common mistake is to think about every single thing that we need to accomplish our daily goals, except in ourselves. 

Our health, alimentation, mental state, and even entertainment are some of those kinds of topics that should be at the top of our schedule, and not as a filler for the available gaps in it. So, the first piece of advice would be to review your agenda and start reorganizing your day-to-day. Keeping in mind what should start to level up in your routine.

2. Establish your boundaries

Let’s say it. Sometimes you discover something that draws your attention so much, that you stop doing everything else. It’s not that it’s bad to find new passions or hobbies, the thing is, that a key to staying motivated is to keep moving. Minute to minute, hour to hour, day to day.

Too much of everything is not healthy, at all. Set up a timer for your activities, obviously not in a controlling way, but in order to be able to enjoy the most of your day and to have the capability of diversifying your lifestyle. Remember that nothing lasts forever and definitely attention is something that wears out faster than you might think.

3. Respect the “offline” time

Since quarantine has forced us to stay home, we have found ourselves in the need to replace areas of our life, such as the way that we socialize, learn, entertain, and how we maintain our lifestyle. This being said, we don’t need to be experts to deduce that today, more than ever, attachment and even dependence on technology are stronger and easier.

As we have discussed, we need to distribute our time according to the number of tasks and time available, but something just as important as that is to be able to determine and respect the time that we’re not gonna spend on our phones or computers. Why? Because it’s easy to get lost in the virtual world and to lose consciousness of reality, and this can leave several consequences to the person, mentally, physically, or emotionally. Look at your schedule and analyze: am I spending too much time online? Take a break and enjoy your time off from screens.

4. Create separate spaces

Being in the same place can be stressful? Yes. That’s why it’s important to get the best from your spaces. Something really helpful is to set up your workstation separated from other spaces of your home. Avoid working from bed, have a space dedicated for work and another dedicated to relaxing.

This would help not just to improve your concentration, but to reduce stress because you won’t feel as if you are always at work or that there is no difference between work and your personal life in your own home. 

5. Discover what motivates you

Everyone needs their own superhero, their own inspiration, their own fuel in order to keep growing. That’s not an exception for your WFH life. It could be decorating your space in order to feel productive and comfortable, maybe finding an influencer who shows you the content you have always liked, or discovering a brand new hobby of something you have never done in the past.

You and your curiosity are the limits.

6. Get together with others

As Aristoteles said and as it’s well known by everyone, the human being is social by nature, and at the moment, we can see that fact reflected in our reality more than ever. Despite all the restrictions that exist to meet and share with others, we have found alternatives that allow us to overcome these barriers.

Therefore, do not see the quarantine as a wall that has separated you from others, but as an opportunity to find new ways to reach others, and to find people with whom you share things in common or who can teach you new things.

7. Identify the “even betters”

Life is about constant learning. Nothing remains the same: plants grow or wither, living beings advance in their life cycle, and even more people, each day are a little different from the day before. The best advice that can be given to someone is to be better than yesterday.

Identifying the “even betters” is nothing more than to review the day, what we did right and wrong, the consequences that our actions have created, and making new purposes or changes to avoid making the same mistakes and to perfect what we are already doing. To be better it’s something that will never go out of style.

There you are. Seven pieces of advice, tips, to-do’s, or whatever you want to call it. But by making them yours and consciously, it can be a big change for your life. Although these tips are aimed at people who work and are adapting to this new normal, we need to highlight that as companies, we can contribute so that our collaborators apply it, and motivate each other to be better. 

Here at Applaudo, we have different activities and programs to share with our team members virtually. Coffee sessions, weekly activities, wellness panels where others share their experience on health, exercise, nutrition, team buildings, and celebrations are some of the activities where our team not only interacts with other people but where they find inspiration and new activities that make them feel part of the team, as people and not as employees. So let’s start making the difference, shall we?

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