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Why is important to have a design system

We want to share with you the importance of building a design system for your brand.

This year we had a major goal: a brand new website. We knew that it was about time to refresh our site and we took the mission to make it happen. 

As we started to gather the team that was going to bring this new website to life and to define the ideas on how it should look like, a thought came up. Fast-paced growth requires a solid foundation to build on top of it because fixing problems that could’ve been prevented is harder than doing it right from the beginning.

So with the exponential growth of our team and our products, it was the perfect time to build a design system of our own.

Out with the old, in with the new.

Our team did an amazing job creating all the components of our new website. Everything was thought out carefully according to Applaudo’s brand personality. This also brought another component to be defined: our brand voice.

We knew that there was a need to define design components and the brand voice in order to achieve better communication and collaboration within the team. We were looking for a more organized system.

Clapp: Applaudo’s design system

It all started with a UI Audit of what we have in order to understand what we need, and it was a learning process for the whole team to provide top-notch quality every step of the way. 

Clapp’s visual language was born with the unique branding identity of Applaudo. Our core values as a team led us to create design principles to be our North Star, and our components with its documentation were created thinking about our most important asset: our people.

“That’s the beauty of building a design system. By deciding on a detail once, you free up your entire product development team to focus on solving actual customer problems.”

– Mariah Muscato, Principal Producto Designer at HubSpot

Creating a design system is not an overnight task. It is also never truly finished due to its ever-evolving nature and the need for ongoing maintenance.

We knew that in order to design a solid and efficient design system we needed a  cross-functional collaboration. That’s why our team consisted of UX/UI Designers, Developers, and Marketing. A respective roadmap and timeline were defined, which we completed successfully.

A design system not only impacts your design team but also everyone in your organization. This helps to speed up processes, improves customer experience, and eliminates inconsistencies. This also applied to our brand voice guidelines. Whether you are talking to an internal or external audience, you will have the tool and insights to create a message according to Applaudo’s brand personality. 

Our 0.3 release includes a Figma UI Kit and documentation hosted on zeroheight, with an ambitious roadmap ahead of us of adding a component library big enough to be used by any future Applaudo product, and it’ll grow with the contribution of everybody’s ideas under a federated model.

This is just the beginning and we are proud of what our team has achieved. We know if we were still in the office we would all be clapping to celebrate this milestone in Applaudo’s history.

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