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Why did I join Applaudo

We are happy to welcome Guillermo Valiente as part of our Exponential Growth team

It has been a privilege in my life to be part of the creation of an industry in El Salvador that has generated so many quality jobs as the BPO’s. I can attest to the challenges we faced as a country to attract the first call centers that triggered the outsourcing era and more important provided opportunities for the youth.

It has been more than 15 years since we embarked on this journey that has put El Salvador on the map as one of the favorite destinations in Nearshore outsourcing. Those first efforts created the platform for what we have nowadays in the contact center, BPO, KPO, and ITO industries.

The creation of Applaudo has been a consequence of that.

I have known about Applaudo since it began 7 years ago. Darwin, Jose, and Scott have been great friends from the time when we met working at Dell El Salvador in 2005. Joining Applaudo has probably been one of the easiest decisions in my 30-year career. The four main factors considered where culture, social impact, potential growth, and the future of technology.

Powerful culture

Culture, defined as the values, process, procedures, actions, and behaviors in the organization is something I hold very close to my heart. Since I have been responsible for the transformation and creation of culture in two organizations.

I can truly say what a difference it makes to have the right culture. Peter Drucker puts it best as he said: “Culture eats strategy for breakfast”. I truly believe that Applaudo has a culture that is a reflection of the founders and leadership, putting people first. Even during these tough times, we are living Applaudo is constantly reaching out to its team members and providing any type of support they might need. Applaudo has behaved as a community, as a family in which the wellbeing of its members comes first. This is the essence of what truly great companies are made of.

Working amongst friend its always something I have been grateful thought my career, so joining my dear friends to continue making a difference made all the sense in the world. Friendship is a true reflection of loyalty, honesty, transparency, and happiness, factors that are crucial for the success of any organization. Applaudo through its actions externally and internally has shown time and again that friends at all levels of the team make us stronger.

Social impact on what we do

I believe in social entrepreneurship. Meaning that even if we are in business to provide value to our shareholders, we also have to make sure we create a positive impact in those communities in which we live and work.

The biggest impact Applaudo creates is generating top quality jobs for our people in El Salvador. There are many life-changing stories in these past 7 years. Which have made a substantial difference not only for the team members but also for their families.

Immigration is one of the biggest challenges our country faces. The major reason why talent is leaving is due to the lack of jobs. Salvadorans have proven over and over that if given the right opportunity they will flourish and contribute to the economic development of their families. Looking at the career and development opportunities team members have at Applaudo I can assure that we are in a unique position to stop immigration at the source.

This is quite fulfilling for those involved and I wanted to be part of it! I need to be a catalyst for people to realize their dreams. That’s why I have joined to help the organization continue on this journey.

Growth steaming ahead

If you want to grow not only from a career perspective but grow emotionally due to the changes you have contributed to, you have to be part of a company that shares that same spirit.

There is no other industry globally that currently has the rocket trajectory that software development has. The pandemic we are leaving through has just accelerated the need for digitalization. Therefore the opportunities for software factories are tremendous. There are other companies in the same industry as Applaudo, but if you are going to join a team, join the best one. I have never played to come in second and neither does Applaudo.

The future of Technology

Tech is the future. Tech is now. Might sound like a cliché but now as the world restarts leveraging technology is more crucial than ever.

The digitalization era took a shot of steroids. The overnight disruption and the changes that have unfolded have put Applaudo and its capabilities in the driver’s seat. The vastly complex connected global ecosystem just got a little bit more complicated as “virtual anything” took over our lives. From a professional or anything in life, you need to be where things are happening. Anyone will need companies such as Applaudo to help them in the journey of digital transformation.

I am here to work with my friends and to help others achieve their dreams. I am here because I believe in our people and this great organization. I am here to create an impact and embrace the future of tech!


Guillermo Valiente

Guillermo is a graduate of Texas A&M, he has more than 15 years experience in the BPO space. As CEO of Telus International El Salvador, he took the organization from 700 to 3,000 employees in 2 years and created the benchmark for culture in the industry. Guillermo is also a founding member and shareholder on One Link BPO. He was the catalyst that helped the organization grow from zero to over 12,000 employees in 6 years.


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