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UX/UI trends after the pandemic

New designs emerged. Here are the key UX/UI trends to implement in your digital products.

The Covid-19 pandemic brought a fast-paced evolution in the technology space and certainly allowed us to explore more ways to innovate and create new experiences.

As the technology sector moves forward, new UI/UX trends are evolving as well. To better understand what the UI/UX trends are, it is appropriate to first make a recap of what UI/UX means. UI means user interface, but more precisely the visualization of the interface while maintaining a unique style and logic, as well as the interaction of the product with the user. UX stands for user experience. In other words, UX is responsible for the usability, adaptability, and functionality of the product. 

Today we want to talk about these key trends and see how they have shaped UI/UX development in the current year. Let’s take a look.  

UI Trends after the pandemic

#1 Bright and colorful tones on a white background
One of the major UI design trends that dominated quite a bit in 2021 was the use of bright colors. This color combination was adopted for UI elements such as icons, buttons, etc. In order to see a better combination, designers prefer to use a pure white background. Also, an appropriate color scheme can greatly improve user experience, while a bad one can certainly alienate users.  

#2 Creative and relevant images with a human touch
In order to attract users to the content, throughout 2021 many designers created eye-catching and creative images that showed people or human interaction. This has definitely, -after all the lockdowns of 2020-, added more value for users.  

Remember to make your images relevant to your content, and creative to provide added value to your artwork.  

#3 AI and other tools
As we know, modern interface design and development tools focus on several major elements: 

  • The fight against routine  
  • Connecting designers and developers 
  • Working comfortably with design systems 
  • Working remotely and collaboratively online

Another highly successful UI trend is generative design. This refers to programs that can analyze a wide variety of similar data, find their defining characteristics and features, and then create new ones based on the data provided. UI design already has considerable algorithm-based design tools that you can use in a more convenient way: for instance, to create layouts and marketing materials, verify all possible principles of the basic rules, choose visual styles, and so on, so that designers do not overload themselves.  

#4 Huge typography
The huge typography for digital platforms took a lot of amplitude this year. In order to attract the attention of users and add value, brands began to make use of this large font size. 

UX Trends after the pandemic

#1 Prioritizing accessibility
In 2021, accessibility became a necessity for users. Accessibility refers to the process of creating a digital service that is usable by as many people as possible, particularly those with special needs, disabilities, or impairments. The COVID-19 pandemic has driven more and more people to shop online, stream online, and do things online. Some of them may require help and more attention. From this year, more brands worked on accessibility to make sure their digital services were adapted for everyone.   

#2 Advanced personalization
Personalization in design refers to a brand/company’s approach to creating individual content and recommendations for each user based on their collected information: e.g. date of birth, visit history, etc. The main purpose of personalized design is to make the user feel that the content has been created especially for them and thus increase the conversion rate, which is the aim of all commercial platforms owners. 

Personalization is nowadays both a user experience trend and a major practice. AI plays an important role in UX without most users noticing it. For instance, let’s think about the personalized music suggestions offered by Spotify, the suggested videos on YouTube or why not Netflix recommendations. 

#3 Remote UX Research 
In 2021 COVID-19 social alienation was able to be overcome through remote UX research. This year further UX research sessions were carried out, such as remote usability testing, remote in-depth interviews, and online UX workshops. 

#4 VUI and voice search
Although voice search may not be a trend that has developed this year, it has certainly been one that has seen the greatest adoption growth during this post-pandemic year, in the areas of home automation, office productivity, and e-commerce.  

In the upcoming years, more adoption of voice commands in daily life will be seen, thus the need to constantly research and improve the user experience for VUI. In this sense, VUI will become more prominent as a way of interacting with technology. 

#5 VR and AR take off
The COVID-19 pandemic severely affected the service sector, such as tourism, hospitality, education, etc. As a result, the use of virtual reality and augmented reality took off. Since the pandemic, it has been possible to step into a space shuttle in VR or go around the world in 360 degrees. Likewise, with AR and VR it is possible to have an interactive and virtual environment for education, either at home or at school.  

COVID-19 has introduced a number of new UX options, including: 

  • Accessibility issues in existing or emerging digital services 
  • Improving product and service design by recognizing new personas that did not exist prior to the pandemic. 
  • Following COVID-19, users will be engaged with a new content approach. 
  • Adapting to new user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) design trends 

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