US Congressional Delegation Visits Applaudo

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US Congressional Delegation Visits Applaudo

At Applaudo, we are continuously working to bridge the opportunity gap in Latin America.

El Salvador is capable of great things in Tech, and at Applaudo we are looking to expand towards 5,000 full-time employees in the following years. We have showcased the transforming power of education in youth, and how for over 9 years, we have become a cornerstone for tech innovation in the region, with the creation of programs that provide not only for Salvadorans but also for young Latin Americans with training and Tech jobs. 

We also aim for the Tech industry to serve as a platform that advances their health, economic, and social aspects of life. As of today, Applaudo’s Trainee Program plays a key role in creating those early opportunities, from where we create top software products for more than 100 international customers with superb technology that demonstrates what youth is capable of doing. 

On Tuesday, August 2nd 2022, the Congressional Delegation from the United States Government, led by Rep. Lou Correa, visited Applaudo along with officials from the U.S Embassy in El Salvador, where they held a conversation about the importance of transforming youth’s basic education, with the creation of programs that provide them with training, that also serves as a platform that takes care of their health, economic, social, and security needs, and how Applaudo’s Trainee Program plays a key role in creating those opportunities for Salvadorans and Latin Americans. 

The parties invited toured the offices of Applaudo and got to know first-hand the largest software development company in El Salvador and how we are creating a positive impact on society through tech. The U.S Delegation met our co-founders, Darwin Romero and José Giammattei, and our CEO, César Bendeckwho shared Applaudo’s story and how the company is constantly innovating and growing to address these topics. With over 9 years in the market, Applaudo now has presence in more than 18 Latin American countries and has surpassed 800 employees. 

“It was an honor to have the U.S Congressional Delegation in our offices. We had the opportunity to share the story of the career path of more than 800 Salvadoran and Latin American youth who work at Applaudo, who creating first-class digital products with amazing customer projects, and are sharing their experiences that lead to attract more talent so we can continue changing lives.” 

César Bendeck, CEO of Applaudo. 

“What we need to do is focus on education at the very basic level. With access to free quality learning, youth will be motivated to connect and succeed at both personal and professional levels. That’s why we as Applaudo created the Trainne Scholarship Program, to provide access to paid training and create a grassroot impact in our community.” 

José Giammattei, co-founder of Applaudo. 

Our co-founder, Darwin Romero, opened the dialogue to discuss topics such as the creation of opportunities in our markets, how we can connect small countries and economies by breaking down the opportunity barrier, the challenges of providing our communities with a supported system, and how to create collaborative solutions between entrepreneurs and US companies that want to work with the Salvadoran and Latin American talent, who are part of these companies that invest in taking care of people. 

“There is currently a high demand for developers who are being hired all over the world, because tech is just fast-moving, so what we as Applaudo are doing, is creating this middle ground, this stage so people can thrive and succeed, by offering an ecosystem where we take care of health, education, continuous training, security, and safety for them.”  

Darwin Romero, co-founder of Applaudo. 

The members of the United States Government who were present were: Rep. Lou Correa, Rep. Jimmy Panetta, Rep. Abigail Spanberger, Rep. Tony Gonzales, Lisa Canini, Subcommittee Director, Office of Monetary Affairs; Lydia Dennett, Professional Staff Member – Office of Monetary Affairs; Brieana Marticorena, Subcommittee Director – Border Security, Facilitation, & Operations; and Chargé d’Affaires, Matthew Reese. 

“It was great to meet with Salvadoran members of civil society and the private sector including young entrepreneurs and political leaders. This is about demonstration, about showing a direction that proves to Latin Americans, that you can always have a path.  

You can show that direction and really inspire a whole group of folks over there, to move in this direction. To move to Applaudo.”  

Rep. Lou Correa, U.S Congressional Delegation. 

By creating more career paths, and providing youth access to high-quality paid education in tech, we are continuously working to bridge the opportunity gap that exists in Latin America.

Thank you to the U.S Congressional Delegation for opening the discussion, supporting and believing in what we are doing here at Applaudo. It was an honor to open our doors to show how code can truly change lives.

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