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The power of women supporting women

This is how women accomplish amazing things when they support each other.

What happens when you bring together hundreds of women, advocates, and decision-makers in the tech industry?  You get something like this: a community that inspires, connects, and transforms.

This is what Women in Cloud Digital Summit 2021 is about. An event centered around the theme of Collective Power, bringing together women tech entrepreneurs to share their advice and expertise to empower other women in the process.

Many times we have heard how the tech industry is “dominated” by men, however, this has changed recently. More women are getting involved in the field. Women are becoming tech entrepreneurs, leaders, partners and with this, the Women in Cloud becomes a community in which women support other women. 

At Applaudo, we continuously empower women and girls in tech so more can get involved, and we are proud to support events like Women in Cloud.

Our goal as a company, besides providing top services and products, is also to become a partner to our customers, supporting their projects every step of the way, and be an ally for women in tech. That’s why we are thrilled to announce that our customer Katie Hotze, CEO of Grocery Shopii, a digital platform that expedites online grocery shopping by adding personalized meal planning directly into the grocer’s e-commerce platform, will participate in this year’s Women in Cloud Digital Summit with our partner, Katina Kenyon.

Collaborative environment

“I always say a woman alone has power; collectively we have an impact.” 

– Shelley Zalis from ForbesWomen

The key to any relationship or partnership is collaboration. That’s how we change the equation in any situation and that’s how Katina and Katie did it, they elevated one another. One person can’t go too far on their own and now that so many more women are entering the tech industry, we need to keep building a more supportive culture.

“When I was first introduced to Katie, I was blown away by her charisma, her poise, and her passion for the technology she was bringing to the market. Her vision for Grocery Shopii is one that is a game-changer for Grocers, Brands, and E-Commerce software platforms. As a busy working mom, I saw the immediate benefit that her solution would bring me, a seamless way for me to build my shopping cart based on the recipe ingredients served up by Shopii’s integration into my shopping experience. We were thrilled when Shopii selected Applaudo to build out their technology and we see ourselves as Shopii team members and we believe in what we are building together!”  

– Katina Kenyon, Partner of Applaudo Studios

The stereotype of “women don’t support other women” has vanished because women have found the power and success behind supporting each other. This is the right direction to go, this is how more women and girls will join tech and overcome any challenge, together.

“Katina is a strong leader with an entrepreneurial spirit.  Her enthusiasm and positive energy is only outmatched by her kindness and genuine interest in helping others reach their goals.  As CEO of Grocery Shopii, it was critical that we find a tech partner that could share our vision and execute it flawlessly. Applaudo Studios and Katina were our answer.”

– Katie Hotze, CEO of Grocery Shopii

Building up women in the tech field is an ongoing effort that everyone in businesses of all sizes and industries can do. There is much more work to be done to reach balanced diversity in tech, but we know that we are going in the right direction and encourage you to do it too.

If you want to learn more about Women in Cloud Digital Summit or register to hear Katina’s talk, go to Women in Cloud 2021

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About Grocery Shopii

Grocery Shopii is a white label retail platform based in North Carolina that allows shoppers to plan and purchase a week of home-cooked meals in less than five minutes from their grocer’s e-commerce platform.  Through a combination of machine learning and thoughtful automation, our friction-free shopping experience optimizes online grocery sales for retailers and brands, and shoppers.

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