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Performance testing: a must for digital platforms

This is why performance testing is necessary for your app and website.

Today, we know that user experience is one of the most critical aspects of any company that seeks to exceed customer expectations. When offering online services, users expect an immediate response, easy connectivity, and to get what they want in the shortest possible time. In this sense, bad system performance may imply losing visits, customers, sales, and credibility.

In this article, we will talk about what performance testing is and why it is a must when launching an app or a website, or is even already in production.

What is performance testing?

When we talk about performance testing, it is important to first understand what performance is. It is an essential part of providing a “good experience” to users (related to UX) when they use applications on the web and mobile platforms. So, by “performance testing”, we, therefore, refer to the software testing process used to check the speed, response time, stability, reliability, scalability, and resource usage of a software application under a given workload. In short, it refers to how fast and efficient a software is.

For instance, on special dates such as Black Friday or Cyber Monday, it is very common to experience high usage demand, which can saturate platforms: mobile applications, e-commerce sites, or online services. Performance tests aim to determine the overall performance of a system as well as to identify bottlenecks that could destabilize the platform and affect the user’s experience.

What does performance testing measure?

Performance testing analyzes several parameters such as response times and possible errors. Performance test results efficiently identify any bottlenecks, bugs, errors, and above all, solutions to root out the issues that your platform may be suffering from. Here are the most common problems that can affect your system and that performance testing can measure.

  • Excessive load times
  • Poor time response
  • Limited scalability
  • Bottlenecks
  • High resource utilization

As for the metrics and KPIs used, through performance tests we can underline the following indicators:

  • Service-Oriented Metrics

Availability and response time measure how well (or not) an application is providing a service to the end-user.

Availability: The amount of time an application is available to the end-user. Lack of availability is significant because many applications will have a substantial business cost for even a small outage.

Response time: The amount of time it takes for the application to respond to a user request.

  • Efficiency-Oriented Metrics

Throughput and Utilization measure how well (or not) an application makes use of the application environment.

Throughput: The rate at which application-oriented events occur. A good example would be the number of hits on a web page within a given period of time.

Utilization: The percentage of the theoretical capacity of a resource that is being used. Examples include how much network bandwidth is being consumed by application traffic and the amount of memory used on a server when a thousand visitors are active.

Why is performance testing important?

Now that we have seen what performance testing is, what it measures, and with what metrics, it is worth knowing why submitting your platform to performance testing is vital.

The rise of e-commerce today suggests that performance is becoming increasingly crucial. In order to stay on top of both brand value and revenue, e-commerce sites and/or companies with mobile apps need to ensure a fast, safe, and trustworthy shopping experience. But what happens when users experience excessive loading times? It surely triggers page abandonment and a decrease in user conversions. Performance testing plays a major role in the overall success of a company.

Also, as we probably experienced for Black Friday or Cyber Monday, brands run special prices during these limited times to increase their sales. This makes users more likely to visit online platforms, but more lucrative offers mean more user traffic. So what happens if your platform experiences user saturation, or if a user faces a long response time to load the page or problems with checkout procedures? The user has an unpleasant experience with the application or website in question, which can lead to a lack of trust in the platform and why not choose to buy from a competitor’s store.

Therefore, before launching an application or a website, it is highly recommended to conduct performance tests to adjust the system to its best performance. If the product is released without being tested and suffers performance flaws, you can run some serious risks, which we bet you would prefer to avoid.

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