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IT Staffing in the healthcare industry

Here’s how IT Staffing can benefit healthcare companies.

Today, technology has changed almost every aspect of our lives and the healthcare sector is no exception. COVID-19 completely changed the rate of the adoption of software solutions. In this context, IT Staffing can help healthcare companies manage and carry out their work more efficiently. How? With custom software development. As the industry continues to evolve, healthcare organizations need to constantly improve processes and tools.

Let’s dive deep into it.

How the healthcare industry benefits from software development

The healthcare industry is huge. According to the Deloitte Global Health Care Outlook report, the healthcare industry has a global market value of $7.724 trillion. Advances in software development for healthcare can save the lives of millions of people by facilitating complex procedures. 

Software development provides the healthcare sector key advantages such as: 

  • Enhanced processes
    Software development enables you to do your work better, more efficiently, and more accurately. Investing in a solution for your healthcare organization can have a wide-reaching impact by making it easier for employees to work, allowing them to focus on the most important tasks. Having digital records reduces the risk of errors and/or misreporting.
  • A solution adapted to your facility’s requirements
    Every healthcare organization differs from others, so the software solutions are not built with healthcare alone in mind, but with your needs in mind. Creating a customized healthcare solution is one way to avoid these problems and get the tools you need. 
  • Data security and privacy
    Platforms, websites, and applications are HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) compliant to ensure maximum data security. The healthcare industry produces a huge volume of data, therefore in these cases, data security takes on high importance. Hybrid applications help protect patient data against any sort of attacks or data leaks.

IT Staffing for healthcare facilities

Healthcare facilities cannot operate in the current market without digital immersion. The reliance of healthcare companies (such as hospitals and medical facilities) on technology, has exponentially improved patient care, but it has also greatly increased the importance of proper staffing to support the in-house healthcare workforce. Modern-day organizations have increased staffing needs for healthcare solutions. You may need healthcare IT staffing services for a single project, such as the creation of a new electronic health records system, AI-based software creation, among others.

Whatever your healthcare IT Staffing needs are, you must fill those positions with people who are qualified for the job. Any delay could mean a delay in patient care. 

Finding the proper IT staff for your healthcare business can help you keep your infrastructure up to date since you can find highly qualified teams with skills such as EMR Building, Data Warehouse, Project Management, Quality Assurance, needed to design, deploy and support the EMR/EHR platform of your choice.

How EMR & EHR can benefit from IT Staffing

Software development companies can offer you customized staff augmentation for healthcare initiatives and also, Electronic Medical Record (EMR) delivery.

IT Staffing can support you with all facets of the digital health infrastructure you need. This combines your network configuration, turning your patient records into an effective Electronic Medical Records system, integrating cloud services, and more. 

Staff augmentation is beneficial in the development of EMR/EHR services, as they include: 

  • Implementation of healthcare-based EMR/EHR systems (design, build, and validation phases included).
  • System optimization and support for major EHR systems.
  • Experienced EMR/EHR professionals, application specialists, and designers to assist you.

Our Discovery process

At Applaudo Studios, our highly qualified software engineers continuously deliver success when it comes to staffing services. 

Through a Discovery Session, our team can help you create the ideal roadmap (MVP) for your project before fully developing an actual product. 

Let’s approach your needs together with our Discovery Session so you can get the best IT talent working for your healthcare organization. Contact us and learn more about our Discovery Session process.

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