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Introducing Lightbend Partnership

We are proud to announce our new partnership with Lightbend.

Lightbend is a company founded by Martin Odersky and Jonas Boner. As an interesting fact, Martin Odersky is known for designing and creating the Scala programming language and co-founding Lightbend. He is currently the Academy Director of the Scala Center which is a unit within the EPFL, a world-class research university in Lausanne, Switzerland. Scala Center is one of the three maintainers of the Scala Programming Language.

Lightbend is one of the three official maintainers of the Scala Programming Language. Besides that, it also provides open-source frameworks mainly Akka and Play.

About the partnership

Our partnership with Lightbend will enable more opportunities to work in developing distributed systems, reactive architectures, and real-time streaming solutions. They have included Applaudo Studios as an SI/Consultant. Lightbend’s platform and technologies are mostly adopted by companies working with Big Data or at Google Scale, some well-known customers include AT&T, DIRECTV, EA, Starbucks, Tesla, and Verizon. Just to name some big players, you can check an extensive list with case studies.

Another benefit of our new partnership is learning and development. Lightbend provides a complete academy. This will allow our team members to have full access to both free and premium courses available. The partner program also includes training with instructors.

Lightbend sponsors a lot of important conferences in the Scala community and provides partner space for speakers, community integration, and such spaces. To name a few, you can check the full tracker or the upcoming events.

“With Lightbend, we just forked our partnerships to include open source, research, and innovation-oriented companies. We are looking to increase this area and soon be able to incorporate companies like Apache. Our goal in the Applaudo community is to integrate more closely with Open Source communities in the future and work together to provide better services to our clients.”

Sebastian Blumenberg, Scala TLE at Applaudo

This partnership will allow us to keep delivering value to our customers and strengthen our skills.

About Applaudo Studios

Applaudo Studios is a full-service web and mobile software development studio. We provide end-to-end software development for enterprise web/cloud and mobile applications, as well as staff augmentation that allows companies to supplement their existing teams with ready-now, senior developers who have mastered the virtual workplace and remote communication.

About Lightbend

Lightbend is leading the enterprise transformation toward real-time, cloud-native applications. Their mission is to help their clients become real-time enterprises with systems that combine the scalability and resilience of microservices architecture with the real-time value of streaming data. 

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