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Code that changes lives

This is how Applaudo’s story begins.

Our journey as Applaudo Studios started 8 years ago. Three passionate friends who committed to driving change in El Salvador decided to venture into the software development world. It was a time in which the country had already positioned itself on the nearshore outsourcing map but had little to no relevance in software development.

It was a challenge. Especially when the goal was to provide services to US customers. Like any other startup, Applaudo faced very difficult situations. However, Jose, Darwin, and Scott had it clear. If they could convince a customer to believe in them, they were going to change the landscape of quality employment in El Salvador.

The opportunity came in early 2013…

After knocking on many doors and learning along the way what customers wanted, they got a call from a software company in the US that wanted to subcontract them. Not ideally what they wanted, but Applaudo needed to start generating revenue and be true to one of its principles: Making a difference for the people of El Salvador. 

The surprise came when they were told who the customer was. None other than NBC.  The famous American television network. They needed a mobile app for the Sochi Winter Olympic Games. What a great way to showcase Applaudo and Salvadoran capabilities! The dream was starting to become a reality.

After many days and nights of hard work, Applaudo delivered on time an exceptional app that passed all the quality controls set by the customer. This brought credibility to the organization and it was rewarded by other subcontracts that triggered growth. The three co-founders had high goals and they were aiming to grow from 5 to 25 developers. It really meant changing the lives of 25 families in El Salvador.

Applaudo pays 5 times the minimum wage as a starting salary. Making a career with Applaudo improves the wellbeing of individuals as well as their families.

It’s code that changes lives

The lack of talent due to over demand in the US for developers got them excited. To be able to accomplish this, Applaudo launched an aggressive hiring program with very specific requirements. Not many people made the list, so the company started what today is the best Trainee Program in Central America.

The program consists of a fully paid training for 3 months and the 98% who graduate get hired. There have been many success stories of young Salvadorans that have flourished and grown with Applaudo. For the first time, a company has created in-country quality, career-making well-paid jobs that can stop immigration at the source.

Today, after 7 years in operations, Applaudo has more than 60 customer relationships. Out of those 15 are Fortune 500 companies. Currently, it employs 300+ developers with 5% annual attrition and 2 development centers, and 5 commercial offices.

Hard work, commitment to driving change, exceptional quality, and great culture is what has made Applaudo stand above the rest. The aim is to get to 1000 developers within 3 years. So, 700 more people will have their lives changed, 700 more that will become part of the story!

Applaudo is code that changes lives.

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