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Beating WFM burnout in the age of remote work

Learn how to help your team fight WFM burnout.

The COVID-19 crisis may have forced companies to implement a work-from-home model to provide business continuity and maintain day-to-day operations. However, this model may have brought with it new challenges for you and your teams, such as not knowing how to balance work and personal life. The line tends to be very thin and in order to demonstrate productivity from home, your team may feel like they have to work all the time. So how can you help your team fight work-from-home burnout?  

Here we share some tips that have served us at Applaudo very efficiently.

WFH burnout causes 

What in 2020 began as a temporary leave from the office has now turned into an all-staff transition in 2022. Here we hare with you some of the top causes of burnout when working from home and that your team may be suffering from.  

1. Inability to switch off 

2. Lack of inspiration at work 

3. Lack of a supportive environment 

Why is it vital to fight work-from-home burnout?

The Mental Health America (MHA), confirms that 75% of people have experienced burnout at work. Drawing healthy lines between professional and personal life is crucial because taking care of mental health is even more important. Staff members who are in “work” mode all the time are at higher risk of burnout. This new home office reality can magnify all kinds of work pressures. 

So, the bigger challenge is: how do you help your team “leave their work at the door” if they no longer walk out the door? These tips will help you maintain the boundaries between work and personal life and avoid mental burnout for your team in the long run.  

Burnout Prevention for your remote teams

  • Make sure they have enough breaks: Let them freshen up their days with enough breaks in order for them to remain motivated, productive and stay on tasks
  • Let them take a day off from time to time: Prevent your team burnout by allowing them to take a day off here and there
  • Give them flexible schedules: Opt for flexible work policies. This way your team can better balance personal and professional responsibilities 
  • Invest in relaxation virtual events: Offer them free fitness courses like yoga classes or coffee meetings so they have a common and comfortable space where they can mentally unwind together
  • Train managers to manage remote teams: Opt for a remote-teams-trainee-session in an inclusive approach 
  • Normalize empathetic listening: Take time to listen, share life and work experiences with your teams through periodic meetings and other activities. 

And last but not least, create a company culture that is rooted in sustainability, equity, and above all humanity.  

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