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Applaudo creates more than 100 additional jobs amid the crisis

Until today, thank God, we have created more than 100 jobs in El Salvador in the midst of the crisis.

• The Salvadoran technology company, specialized in software development, added more than 20 new clients this 2020, also during the hardest part of the crisis.

• Applaudo has in its client pool companies such as Bain & Company, Walmart USA, The Miami Heat, and companies from the Tesla investment fund, among others.

• The company continues to support an aggressive growth plan and will add 100 more jobs locally in the coming months, apart from the 100 already created.


San Salvador, October 5, 2020. Creating hundreds of world-class job opportunities for young Salvadoran talents is the main goal of the leaders in the technology industry in El Salvador. Since the pandemic crisis began, Applaudo has created more than 100 additional high value-added jobs in the country.

The pandemic and crisis generated by COVID-19 have had multiple impacts around the world. The largest and most negative impact has been the humanitarian crisis generated by the pandemic, which has been devastating in terms of lives and the impact on the health of millions of people. Protection protocols, quarantines, and mandates to stay safe at home have also had negative impacts on the economies of all countries around the world.

However, in economic effects, the crisis has had positive effects on some industries. The Digital Economy has seen its exponential growth in the last 5 months, where the impact of eCommerce sales penetration has reached a growth of 10 years in just 3 months in the United States. This also leaves positive impacts for El Salvador, where this growing interest in this type of technology services leaves a small wave of new jobs generated despite the pandemic. Globally, the demand for software development is projected to grow steadily and considerably.

According to some relevant analysis regarding the increase in eCommerce in recent months, the impact of the coronavirus has caused online sales in the United States to increase by 49% last April, compared to the reference period at the beginning of March, just before the quarantine restrictions went into effect.

In that sense, US eCommerce grew by 44.5% in the second quarter of 2020, the fastest growth in more than two decades, bringing the share of eCommerce in total retail to 16.1%.

According to the US Department of Commerce, retailers generated $ 211 billion in online sales in the second quarter of this year, compared to $ 146 billion in the same period a year ago.

Additionally, over the past decade, US eCommerce grew, on average, 15% year-over-year. That growth remained at that level during the first quarter of 2020, but reached all-time highs in the second quarter, reaching up to 44.5%.

This is the result of how the need to use non-contact media increases, which, to a greater extent, will be directed to digital channels.

The need for companies to digitize more rapidly leaves more than 100 additional jobs generated by Applaudo Studios in El Salvador.

Opportunities in the crisis

At the beginning of the current pandemic, Applaudo Studios made the decision to work from home under a 100% remote modality indefinitely, which has been successfully maintained with 100% active operations without any interruption.

“Our first task was to protect the health of all the members of our work teams, protecting their physical integrity was paramount. We went to work 100% remotely before the preventive quarantine was instituted. Then, we made sure to stay 100% operational from home, thank God we managed to execute both premises ”, said José Giammattei, co-founder of Applaudo Studios.

Sustaining growth and capitalizing on opportunities was another of the great challenges. In the midst of the pandemic, Applaudo Studios has managed to capitalize on this technology demand and has hired more than 100 additional collaborators. Everything remotely.

“Even though we have had clients impacted in the midst of the pandemic, we have been able to grow with clients that we already had, and in addition, we have closed contracts with more than 20 additional clients in 2020. Thank God, we have the privilege of working with worldwide companies such as Bain & Company, Walmart USA, The Miami Heat, companies from the Tesla investment fund, which continue to be at the forefront in digital matters ”, expressed Darwin Romero, co-founder of Applaudo Studios.

All hires have been 100% remote, from their profiling processes, interviews, tests, and entry to the company.

“We are going to continue with a highly aggressive expansion plan. Not only have we created more than 100 permanent jobs in the midst of the pandemic, we currently have more than 10 types of positions open that allow us to continue creating job opportunities at an accelerated pace. We will create more than 100 additional positions in the coming months, here in El Salvador, ” added Cesar Bendeck, CEO of Applaudo Studios.

Applaudo has an aggressive talent training scholarship program and another talent referral program, which ensures an agile and precise recruitment process, which results in training human talent and finding potential candidates through the same organization.

Following the health security measures, the recruitment process has been adapted to be remotely in its whole, where interviews and technical tests are carried out through videoconferences to ensure compliance with the main requirements to be hired. At the end of the process, it concludes with an induction to the company, where the representatives of each department make an introduction through a videoconference, and then receive a welcome from the founders.

New opportunities in the market

In order to overcome the challenges ahead, Applaudo Studios sees this economic crisis as a potential accelerator of digital development. The country must create accelerated opportunities in this matter, we must bring more employment to El Salvador.

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