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Applaudo joins crowdfunding campaign for “Manuales Para Sobrevivir”

Learn more about Manuales Para Sobrevivir and how to collaborate with this initiative.

San Salvador, January 11, 2021. Humans For Humans Foundation, from Grupo Comercial de Comunicaciones, together with Publicidad Comercial MullenLowe and Applaudo Studios, launch a fundraising campaign to complete the content and launch the digital platform “Manuales para Sobrevivir ” (, which will aim to transform the lives of thousands of young people and adults who are victims of sexual abuse during their childhood, to find guidance and resources to overcome their trauma and move forward.

In the world, 1 in 4 women and 1 in 6 men claim to have been victims of a type of sexual abuse during their childhood, according to the organization

To respond to this reality, the Humans For Humans Foundation promotes the fundraising campaign to conclude its social initiative “Manuales Para Sobrevivir” and thus support this alarming number of possible victims in the country and throughout Latin America.

The Manuales Para Sobrevivir platform will bring together short films illustrated by Salvadoran artists, with stories of survivors of all types of socioeconomic status and of all types of child sexual abuse sharing the steps they followed to get ahead as they grew into adults.

In addition, a directory of psychologists specializing in post-traumatic treatment is included so that they have access to the ideal help they need, free or at accessible rates in person or online. It will also have an online store of products and services to generate self-sustainability in the first year.

Thanks to the courage of Salvadoran survivors, Manuales Para Sobrevivir currently has 6 stories of overcoming sexual abuse, 4 women and 2 men. These stories have gone through the editorial and narrative process and are in the audiovisual production process to become the first survival handbooks as content within the platform; 6 more stories are in writing process by survivors allied to the cause.

The goal is to raise $65,000, which will allow the pilot project to be carried out in El Salvador with 12 short films that tell the stories of survivors. In addition, these funds will allow the foundation to bring 66,000 possible victims to make an appointment with specialists through the platform in the first year.

The initial investment of the project is $285,000; between Publicidad Comercial MullenLowe and Applaudo Studios, main allies of the initiative, $220,000 has been collected to date, funds that have been donated in a percentage as seed capital and in-kind donation for the development of the sustainability model strategy, planning project strategy, research work and digital behavior data, platform design, development and programming of a world-class platform, search for survivors, editorial editing work, advisory council formation, among other things.

How was this initiative born?

The idea of “Manuales Para Sobrevivir” was born from the experience of a survivor of sexual abuse who seeks to share with others the knowledge that for decades drove him towards overcoming his experience, seeking to reduce the years of searching for answers to others who have suffered from similar trauma and avoid years of suffering.

How to be part of the initiative?

To be part of this initiative and help victims to find a light on their path, we invite you to visit the platform and look for the “donate” option. You can contribute from $5 and have the option to do it once or monthly, through a credit or debit card. Additionally and if you prefer another method, you can write within the site to agree on the help process.

About Humans For Humans

After 61 years of existence and contributing in different social causes, Publicidad Comercial MullenLowe, as part of Grupo Comercial de Comunicaciones (GCC), sees the need to consolidate this contribution through the creation of communication ideas to help more people on the planet.

This is how the Humans for Humans Foundation was born, as an organization that opens the possibility to the collaborators of Grupo Comercial de Comunicaciones, in Central America and the Caribbean, to create ideas that benefit the communities where they have presence, promoting them in a rigorous process to turn them into self-sustainable social initiatives with measurable impacts through time.

About Applaudo Studios

Applaudo is a pioneer in exporting software development for web and mobile platforms creating products and services that meet the quality and innovation for clients in the United States and Latin America.

Under the vision and commitment of its founders, José Giammattei and Darwin Romero, Applaudo Studios decides to support the Manuales Para Sobrevivir initiative by donating the development and programming of a world-class platform.

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