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All you need to know when hiring a web development team

In this article, we’ll discuss what you need to look for in a web development team.

Hiring talented developers to achieve your technological needs is an outsourcing trend shaping our modern IT era. Whether you are looking to build a website or optimize an existing one, searching for experienced web professionals can be an optimal solution for you as it will enable competitive advantage(s) for your business, such as efficiency and productivity. 

But, hold on a second. Is hiring a web development team that easy? Can any third party do the job, and do it well? How do you ensure that you will receive top-quality work? How long will the development process require?

Before making a decision, make sure you answer these questions and understand the following points to choose the right partners that will fit and support your strategic goals.

Assessing your web development needs

1. What is the tech need or the issue you are trying to solve?

What is it that you need? A scalable and custom platform? Optimize your current website? Enhance your shopping experience? To figure out exactly what you need, start by analyzing your business process and structure. Think about the products your company offers and its target customer base. Once you have this in mind, ask for a web solution that facilitates interaction with your customers and responds to the objectives you have set. 

2. What is the vision you have planned for the digital solution you want?

Once you have identified your need, you will have to analyze how you think the digital solution will respond to the need, and what do you expect to solve with this digital product. In other words, what is the vision and purpose of your digital solution?

Digital products improve the performance of your company because they generate value for your organization. They can rise sales, change your customer’s dissatisfaction and turn them into happy customers, enhance your responsiveness across the organization, and above all, they can reach your main goal, drive business value. 

In this sense, knowing the purpose of the digital solution you want is crucial to find a company that can make your vision a reality.

Making a decision 

1. What options do you have?

You may have in mind what the design of your website will look like and what it will do. Now, you are missing perhaps the most important point to start from. Who do you need to create a web solution? Do you need one or several people? What skills are needed?

When you are in the process of defining your project, make sure you look for someone (or a team of people) who masters the skills you are looking for. 

Freelancers, tweener agencies (something between a freelancer and a boutique agency), or software development companies, are among other options, alternatives you can consider to build your digital product. 

2. Should you hire a freelance web developer?

Is this the first question that is popping up right now in your head? Well, if your first thought is, “I should look for a freelance web developer”, you may want to reconsider this! Not because they aren’t a good option, but hiring a freelancer is not always beneficial from a business perspective. 

On one hand, freelancers work with different customers at the same time, meaning that if you decide to work with one, you might be in the middle of constant war for the freelancer’s attention. For instance, imagine you are looking for someone who can create a website. Creating a website involves a lot of components such as UX/UI, maintenance, security, conversion, and search optimization, new sales pages, and landing pages, and the list keeps going. Of course, each component depends on exactly what you are looking for. But the problem is that your project cannot be your freelancer’s main focus. A freelancer works -and will work- on other customers’ projects at the same time. 

On the other hand, developing a website requires strong knowledge in different areas such as graphic design, marketing, coding, conversion optimization, SEO, funnels, etc. It is very challenging to find all these skills in one person. That is why you may need a team of people to create your digital product.

Why should you hire an outsourcing software development company?

Any company today needs software development services to optimize the way its business works. Everything will depend on the goals and points of interest of each company. So why should you outsource software development? 

Well, first of all, qualified management is guaranteed. You can obtain a portfolio of their work and previous references to verify that the services you’re interested in hiring are indeed offered by expert and qualified professionals. Secondly, you save time and work. Using an external company will save time since your company will not have to create new processes or train new employees. An outsourcing software development company takes care of everything -since they also have diverse expertise- and your company can continue to focus on its business core, without the pressure of having to manage your tech needs. Finally, you optimize your projects and your costs. This goes highly linked to where you choose the outsourcing company, it can be nearshore, offshore or onshore. 

Final thoughts

When hiring a web development team, it is very important to know and take into account the previous points mentioned before making a decision. A software development company can provide you a team of qualified and experienced developers for your project and business’s needs. But, always remember to ask for references, to look at their portfolio or case studies to have a verifiable experience. Search out for experts who work adhering to your needs and meet customer’s requirements.

At Applaudo Studios, we have a strong understanding of business workflows and the best practices in the technology industry. How about we can accommodate your needs with a discovery session?

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