Staff Augmentation with Nearshore Software Development Teams

With every business decision there are pros and cons. Justifying your point-of-view as a company as to how you staff your teams means knowing the cost benefit relationship across each factor.

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Got an App for that?

Digital trends continue to expose the dirty, dirty secret that we are all obsessed with our smartphones. We’ve seen our dependency on mobile technology lead us from casually consuming digital information to now in 2017 we are stuffing ourselves with as much as our digital waistbands can handle.

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We are Applaudo Studios

While we are new to the blog scene, we’ve been building native mobile applications for iOS and Android for over 5 years. We quickly added muscle to our team with senior front-end and back-end web developers shortly thereafter. We are proud to be a family of over 65 employees who all share a passion for technology. That’s about where our similiarities end.

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