Nearshore Software Development: Myths and Truths

Ana Morales
By Ana Morales

Misconceptions about Nearshore are still around but we are here to tell you all the truth about them.

Nearshore, as we all know, is when you work with a company that’s in the same geographic area as you. For example, you live in the United States and you are working with a company in El Salvador. We are just a couple of hours away but in the same region. Well, that’s Nearshore. Just make sure you don’t confuse it with Offshore, but if you would like to learn the differences between the three types of outsourcing you can go to our blog What’s the difference between Onshore, Offshore, and Nearshore? and learn more about it.

After that quick commercial, let’s move onto the myths and truths about Nearshore.

Nearshore is well known for being a great solution for companies worldwide and has been growing tremendously in the last years. However, sometimes you can run into people that have misconceptions towards it. 

And now, you are confused.

You have no idea what to believe because some say that is an amazing solution but others say that it will affect your operation or that the quality isn’t that great. Well, don’t worry because we are about to help you find out the truth and only the truth behind these myths.

We have gathered 5 common misconceptions about Nearshore, to help you make smart decisions.

Here they are:

Myth #1: I’ll lose control of my project

People may think that handing their project to a third party is going to make them lose control of what happens or how the project will be developed. Which is totally false. One thing that Nearshore companies make sure to have is a close relationship with the customer. That’s why you will have constant communication with your Nearshore team, no doubts. Do you want to visit their facilities? You are more than welcome to do it. 

You will be able to watch what happens with your project, receive reports, and verify that everything is running smoothly. So don’t worry, your project will always be under your control. But a Nearshore team will be behind it to bring it to life.


Myth #2: I’ll reduce my costs but I’ll compromise quality

This is one of the most common misconceptions. Many businesses refrain from choosing Nearshore companies because they associate lower prices with low quality. Which it’s not entirely true. Yes, Nearshore offers lower rates compare to Onshore or Offshore, but that doesn’t mean that your project’s quality will be at risk.

In fact, most Nearshore companies carry years of experience in the Software Development industry. They are well familiarized with what the customer is expecting and take seriously the quality of their products. 


Myth #3: I won’t find skilled Developers

Guess what? You will be surprised by the strong pool of well educated technical talent that you’ll find. Universities in Latin America have robust IT programs that allow students to develop their Software skills. 

Developers in Nearshore locations have strong product development capabilities on multiple platforms. They are up to date with the most recent Software technologies. Mobile or Web? Just name it. You will find a gold mine of incredibly talented Software Development teams. 


Myth #4: Time zones will affect the communication with my Nearshore team

Another common misconception is that people think time zones affect drastically in communication. But not in Nearshore. 

The great thing about Nearshore is that you are just a couple of hours away from your team. You won’t be waiting for the next day to have a response because real-time communication does happen in Nearshore. Why? Well, Nearshore companies know that customers want to constantly be up to date of their project status or if there has been an issue. And luckily, Nearshore have allies to make sure constant and direct communication happens such as Slack, Gmail, or Google Hangouts.


Myth #5: Language barriers will harm the development of my project

We know that language barriers are a major issue when working with teams abroad. Especially when you are from an English-speaking country and your Nearshore team is in Latin America. But, we have good news.

English is almost like a second language in Latin America and most programmers have a good level of English. We are 100% sure that you will be able to find a lot of Software Development teams who speak English fluently. They are used to working with English-speaking customers, so you don’t have to worry about language barriers.


Now you know the truth behind the most common myths. If you are currently considering to partner up with a Nearshore Development company, we recommend to always evaluate your options. Remember you are going to be working side by side with the team you choose. So choose wisely.

Our Software Development and Design teams at Applaudo know how to build solutions on any language, stack, or platform, for both web and mobile. We have a solid understanding of business processes, trends, tools, and best practices in the Tech industry. 

We know your project deserves the best. How about you leave it to the experts?