Nearshore Software Development in El Salvador

Ana Morales
By Ana Morales

Katina Kenyon was a special guest at The Software Outsourcing Show and shares why El Salvador is a great nearshore destination for software development.

The Software Outsourcing Show is a podcast series by Accelerance and hosted by Bobby Dewrell. In each episode, Bobby invites experienced guests who work with nearshore or offshore software development teams. They share their professional experience, the common challenges they have faced, and best practices for strategies and partner selection.

On episode 11 of The Software Outsourcing Show, Katina discusses nearshore software development in El Salvador and what it is like to partner up with Salvadoran developers.

“It was the country [El Salvador] that we selected to support the United States. So it was one of the early adopters of nearshoring. [I] Fell in love with the country, what the country had to offer both in terms of talent but really people,” says Katina Kenyon on her experience working in El Salvador.

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