Increase Your Productivity By Being Present

Carlos Peña
By Carlos Peña

Remote work is the new normal and we know there are times we fall off track to keep our productivity. Learn useful tips on how to keep yourself focused.

Many people have faced the challenge of moving to a fully remote work environment in the past few months. Besides staying physically and mentally healthy, remote workers are also concerned about being productive, which sometimes leads to the point of becoming a source of excessive stress. Caring about being productive shouldn’t be a burden on our shoulders, it should be a tool to help us find better ways to achieve our daily goals. 

A few weeks ago, I started to realize that I was more concerned about being productive than actually being productive. After recalling several quotes I’ve come across in my life about being present and fully aware of the moment, the big question came up: What if I’m not productive because I’m not present enough?

I soon started to spot some bad habits that have been growing, for example:

As you might have noticed, I was trying to juggle with so many things at the same time. I was not present in the conversation nor the conference call. Big mistake.

How can I be present with so many things going on?

Well, easier said than done. We need to learn to prioritize, turn off distractions (mental or physical), and actively create an environment that is better suited to the task at hand. As the good old saying recalls “focus on what you can control“.

By shifting my attention to being in the moment, I started enjoying the benefits of being more productive without becoming too anxious about it, even on days I have plenty of stuff to do.

If you are facing the same challenge I invite you to take some time to analyze what are your distractions and how to prioritize your attention to be more present on the task at hand. You will make the most out of each moment and everyone around you will notice it too.

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