How To Measure Success of Nearshore Development

Ana Morales
By Ana Morales

We all know the major benefits of Nearshore Software Development. Similar time zones, real time communication and access to a huge local IT talent are some of them. But, have you ever wondered how to tell if your product development is really successful and efficient?

Is your Nearshore Development team successful because of lower costs? Nope. Is it because of the location? Neither. Well, location can either be a make it or break it deal but that’s not all about it. According to Forrester Research, “IT services buyers are more likely to be disappointed with the lack of innovation of their provider, their ability to manage change, and their business savvy and value.”

So, how can you be sure if the partner you choose is truly helping your business to grow and achieve your goals.

These questions can come up too often and it is important to resolve them once for all. We have addressed five key points you should evaluate and track in your Nearshore Development relationship:

#1 Conceptualize your goals

A very important first step. What are your goals when working along with a Nearshore team? Do you want to increase your revenue? Or redesign an existing Mobile or Web app of your business? Or perhaps are you looking to reach more users?

Conceptualization of goals at the initial stage lays down the basis of measuring the performance of your Nearshore partner at the later stages. 

#2 Productivity and quality

This is a major debate when it comes to measuring performance. Being productive doesn’t always mean all the work done has been focused on quality. For example, you are measuring the performance of the tech team. Writing the code is productivity while the amount of code that passes through the testing phase into actual deployment equals quality.

However, we are not saying that one is more important than the other, but there should be a balance between both. Be productive but focus on quality.

#3 Expectation versus reality

Are your expectations, as a customer, met? Is your product exactly what you asked for? Have there been improvements or the results are not even close to what you looked for?

There can be many “top” Software Development companies out there but one thing is sure: the processes, development, and final product will have the last word when evaluating if your expectations and requirements were met.

#4 Capability to adapt

How well does your Nearshore partner implement complex requirements? Are they flexible enough to adjust to meet your needs? And if so, do they perform without major issues in the process?

We know customers look for different Tech capabilities in Software Development companies. Knowledge, tools, and skills are key to know if a partner will be able to deliver a project. The goal is to identify if your Nearshore team is able to perform properly and efficiently.

#5 Delivery management capability

We all look forward to the delivery date when we make an online order, right? And if we don’t receive our package at the designated date we are not very happy with it. That’s what happens when a customer’s project is not on time according to the plan.

If your Nearshore partner is not meeting delivery obligations and you are constantly pushing them, it can turn out to be stressful for you and your clients. Not to mention that it can affect your business’ goals.

Working with a high performing tech team whose methods, processes, and functioning match well with your company culture and goals is critical for your business success.

However, there is no single metric which would lead you to a definitive answer on how to measure the performance of your Nearshore Development team. But, having knowledge about the goals you want to track and the areas to focus on can bring you closer to a better and more accurate measurement of your Nearshore team performance as a whole.