How To Get The Most From Business Events

Scott Kenyon
By Scott Kenyon

Biggest few weeks in digital coming up:  Mobile World Congress & SXSW!

The two conferences continue to drive incredible value and expense to many companies and their teams.  How do you ensure you drive value vs. expense?

It’s easy, how do you win at anything you do?

  1. Preparation:  If you haven’t booked 75% of your time by the week before, you are already in a bad spot.  What have you done to fill out your calendar?  Social Media is the easiest way to drive awareness within your network.  I recently mentioned on my social media and received 1000’s of views and numerous replies.
  2. Attitude:  Too many of these conferences have turned into “Adult Spring Break”.  If you aren’t at your best it will show in your attitude. If you need a vacation, take one. Don’t come to a conference looking for a vacation or you will get the same thing at your vacation: the bill!
  3. Execution:  You have prepared and now you need to execute.  You know the goal of each meeting, now go put that plan in place.  You are at a networking event, you know when you are getting an interesting signal and when you aren’t.  Don’t waste time on a “no”, move on and get to the next “yes”.  Don’t spend too much time with them, you have all year to do that, move on to the next person.
  4. Follow up:  It still surprises me how often people don’t follow up.  I test salespeople all the time and they fail way more than I expect.  Be unique, “Hey Sarah, hope you made it home safely.  Can you believe that guy next to us was such a negative Nelly?  Time for a follow up next week?”

Bottom line, I hope everyone has great events but at the end, if you don’t, just look in the mirror and complain to that person.

About SXSW

The South by Southwest Conference & Festivals celebrate the convergence of the interactive, film, and music industries. Fostering creative and professional growth alike, SXSW is the premier destination for discovery.

About Mobile World Congress

The GSMA Mobile World Congress (MWC) is the world’s largest exhibition for the mobile industry and incorporates a thought-leadership conference featuring prominent executives representing global mobile operators, device manufacturers, technology providers, vendors, and content owners