How Applaudo Stays Productive Remotely

Ana Morales
By Ana Morales

Throughout the years, organizations have expressed why it is important to have our teams physically working together. Today, reality has changed the norm and taken the exception to be our new day-to-day.

From one day to another, our daily routine changed and remote work has now become the new reality for most of us. A major change for various industries.

Most businesses have changed their modality for the first time to have their teams working from home. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t take care of customer meetings or keep delivering new products and services. 

So, how do we manage to be 100% operational at Applaudo?

We are a nearshore software development company so we know a thing or two about remote work. Our customers are mostly international which has allowed us to adapt to working remotely, not just from home but from different countries. We have the capacity and experience to make sure we are delivering to our customers and to keep real-time communication with them.

Supporting our team, customers and community

During the current situation, our top priority has been the health and well-being of our team, customers and community. At Applaudo, we took quick action to keep our team safe. We increased cleaning and sanitizing procedures to help mitigate the risk of contagion. And also encouraged everyone to stay calm and follow the protective measures announced by trustworthy sources and the government.

Efficient and immediate communication was key. We quickly reached out to our customers to update them on our situation and we still have to make sure to keep continuous communication with them, providing the latest information since we are their extended team. We also prepared a business continuity plan and have ensured that our services continue to operate remotely without interruption.

We know this is a tough and challenging time for everyone and the importance of managing the execution of business commitments and critical timelines remain the same. You can rely on Applaudo Studios as your nearshore extended software development partner. Supporting your needs to meet goals and timelines immediately is our top priority.

Remote is our thing

Prior to the COVID-19 outbreak, our team had 2 days of work from home during the week. So nothing major has changed in our operation. We keep delivering, having online meetings with our customers, contacting new leads, and having our daily standups.

Starting on March, we enabled work from home to everyone in our team. Our internal communications tools help us stay in touch and track our progress, including Google Hangouts, Slack, and Gmail. We quickly adapted to working fully from home and this allows us to continue to deliver undisrupted support to our customers.

We are also continuing with our hiring processes. Our family keeps growing and all the processes of recruiting, interviewing and onboarding are held remotely. We are just one video call away! If you want to apply to any of our open position, feel free to do it. We will be more than happy to have you on board!

For us, it’s important to be close to each of our team members. Especially right now at this time where we are at distance. Staying home for prolonged periods of time can have certain effects on the health and mood, that’s why we have encouraged our team to take care of their well-being. Stay active, talk with others, and share their quarantine stories are some of the initiatives we have at Applaudo.

Also, our incredible team created a document that gathers tips and best practices to help us adapt to the WFH modality. Some of them are:

We know that everybody’s circumstances are different and not everyone can adapt their processes to enable work from home to their teams. But those who can, we encourage them to do so. Our team’s safety should be a priority.

At Applaudo, we are available to keep supporting our community. We are ready to help with any Software Development, Design or DevOps needs. We are ready for you at any time.