Got an App for that?
Katina Kenyon
By Katina Kenyon

Digital trends continue to expose the dirty, dirty secret that we are all obsessed with our smartphones. We’ve seen our dependency on mobile technology lead us from casually consuming digital information to now in 2017 we are stuffing ourselves with as much as our digital waistbands can handle.

In 2016, $44.8 billion in revenue was generated in mobile apps and expectations are that in 2020, we will see upwards of $100 billion. Want a piece of that pie? We are all smart business people, sure we do!

It’s no longer a question of if your business needs a mobile app, but when and WHO are you selecting to build that app.

#1 Trust.

Finding a technology partner to digitally represent your brand should be one that is taken with a trusted partner. Applaudo Studios has been a trusted partner for Fortune 500 to the earliest of start-ups for the past 5 years. Reach out, we are happy to connect you personally with our trusted partners.

#2 Development costs.

Given that developing a custom solution requires multiple steps, many sprints of actual development work and hard-earned cash, choose a nearshore solution like us.

Applaudo Studios is a fraction of the cost, same time zone, a power packed executive team, stacked developers and meticulous architects that will commit to bringing your digital vision to life!