Girls Track at DWEN 2019

Katina Kenyon
By Katina Kenyon

The Girls Track brings together girls of ages 13-17 to be guided in their path of technological entrepreneurship.

Powering the future generation of our world’s leaders is why Dell Technologies brought in Intel to sponsor the 2019 Girls Track program in Singapore. The Girls Track is a leadership program selecting 20 girls worldwide who have an entrepreneurial spirit, whom may already have traction on their own businesses, and they are tasked with solving a global challenge.  

The agenda is packed full from public speaking training, marketing, social impact and ice breakers like the popular dance party breakout. This year’s Girl Track challenge was to come up with a business that solves the global challenge of recycling.  

Applaudo’s very own, Nina Kenyon, daughter of Scott and Katina, was selected to join the Girls Track in Singapore. Her small group was tasked with how to improve the recycling of plastic drinking straws. Two full days are spent preparing these business plans as well as prepping for the ultimate pitch challenge, coined the Dolphin Pitch, where the finalists pitch to a room of over 200 executives, journalists and Singaporean business and government leaders.  

Nina and her teammates Katrina from Malaysia and Jolene from Singapore created the company P.S. PS, which stands for Plastic Straws, is a business that would collect, break down and repurpose straws into packing material to sell to retailers like Amazon. Flat out brilliant.   

The PS team wrote their business plan, re-wrote it a zillion times and waded through solicited and unsolicited advice from executive coaches, their Dell and Intel advisors and from of course, their moms.  

The first test… making it past the mid-day pitch competition. From 7 teams, only 3 were selected to be finalists for the Dolphin Pitch.  

And PS… PS was selected!   

Next, the PS team had to perfect their pitch down to the required 3 minutes and had only a couple of hours to memorize their speeches, pump themselves up to speak on a massive stage in the closing DWEN ceremony. 

To say I was busting with pride would be an understatement. Nina and the PS team along with the other 2 final teams stood with confidence and pitched proudly.  

A fitting finale to an incredible DWEN 2019.  

Sharks beware!