Focus On The Customer: 14 Ways Account-Based Marketing Will Impact Your Work

Ana Morales
By Ana Morales

Account-based marketing has changed the way businesses engage with their audience, focusing on creating personalized messages based on customer's needs.

A long time ago, marketers were obsessed with casting super-wide messages in the hopes of attracting as many leads as possible. It didn’t matter who they attracted, it was enough just to have a couple of interested people in your list.

Account-Based Marketing changed this philosophy.

ABM is a strategic marketing approach that uses highly targeted campaigns to win over particular accounts. Hence, you no longer have to cast a wide message to a big market, instead, you personalize each message and target it to the right people for your services or products. Those who are truly interested in your business.

ABM Will Start Customer Conversations

Account-based marketing will force us to find out what conversations our customers want to have with us. We’ll need to listen, do research and then listen again.
– Katina Kenyon, VP of Sales and Marketing at Applaudo

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