Essential Lessons About Targeting Multicultural Audiences With Your Advertising Dollars

Ana Morales
By Ana Morales

Making a wrong ad to multicultural consumers is worse than not doing it at all. How do you connect with your audiences with authenticity, sensitivity, and impact?

Ads make us aware of brands of our interest and help businesses promote products, services, events, promos etc. But when you are talking to a wide audience, as in a multicultural audience, you need to be careful to do it the right way and see if it is reaching your target.

As you know, the consumer market continues to grow in diversity and businesses must establish real connections with the multicultural audience if they want to remain relevant in the future. However, to know how to effectively reach them and have a strong understanding of multicultural consumers, you need firsthand interactions with them.

So, what do you need to learn?

“The Hispanic consumer in the U.S. is first and foremost a family member. They are a part of a tightly knit nuclear family. They proudly belong to a large extended family. They are family first. Advertisers need to learn that family first is what brings this growing population to their brands and when that Hispanic consumer is treated like family by your brand, you’ve hit marketing gold.”
Katina Kenyon, VP of Sales and Marketing

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