Dell Women’s Entrepreneur Network Summit: Day 1

Katina Kenyon
By Katina Kenyon

Day 1 at DWEN was incredible. A day filled with discussions, workshops, entrepreneurs and executive leaders.

Walking into the 10th Annual Dell Women’s Entrepreneur Network 2019 Summit you are immediately greeted into the DWEN Marketplace, a display of products and services offerings by a handful of DWEN attendees. Applaudo Studios is showcased in this marketplace to communicate Applaudo’s technology expertise in software development, product development and how Applaudo could be a trusted partner in helping many of these entrepreneurs to grow their businesses through scaling their web and mobile platforms.  

The conversations I had the morning of day 1 while hosting the marketplace have been around how Applaudo can help women founders like Elle, who is wanting to build a bespoke travel management platform for her travel firm to how Applaudo could step in and ramp up time to market for a female founder who has created an ethics-first dual sided marketplace out of Mexico City. Spending time together this week was about helping women founders realize their dreams through technology. 

Highlighting the themes from the first day’s session were distilled from several panelists, keynote speakers and storytellers. We heard that success is met when women business leaders allow space, time and vulnerability. We learned that highly successful women executives balance leaning into chaos while painting a vision that is steady. Releasing ourselves from the cultural norms that females second guess their decision making, stopping the habit of underestimating their impact and allowing themselves the balance required to succeed. We heard that pushing through energy barriers with persistence will yield meaningful actions that we can grab onto and see real results.

We spent a good amount of time talking about breaking through the Imposter Syndrome by pushing one another through positive speech while quelling the naysayers. Ultimately the passion of the +200 attendees reverberated through the massive ballroom by empowering women to push the boundaries of themselves, their sacrificial discipline and courage.

Here’s to Day 2 holding close to the amazing first day!