Dell Women’s Entrepreneur Network Summit 2019

Katina Kenyon
By Katina Kenyon

The 10th annual DWEN Summit is being hosted by the beautiful country of Singapore and Applaudo is representing!

Founders, co-founders, pioneers, creatives, small business owners, innovators, executives, trailblazers and collaborators from 20 countries with a combined revenue of $1B from over 16 industries. All these words describe the +200 women at DWEN: Dell Women’s Entrepreneur Network Summit 2019.

The combined energy of these women executives is palpable. That’s not surprising, but what is surprising is what this energy is made up of. It’s a no-judgment zone, a true-hearted openness, and a willingness to hold one another up above the glass ceiling. DWEN’s mission is to “Share, Inspire, Transform” and I plan to soak up each of these pillar attributes while attending and representing Applaudo Studios at DWEN 2019.

Our kickoff was a perfectly curated 30 second personal introduction of all the female entrepreneurs.  Each of us gave 5 nuggets in what felt like 10 seconds given our quick trigger facilitator timing us and we told one another:

  1. Who we are
  2. Where we are from
  3. Name of company
  4. Goals for our DWEN experience
  5. How we plan to give back to other attendees

Hearing the domain expertise, locations and goals were infectious.  From Applaudo’s expertise in software development to others leading construction businesses to others leading computer repair business to VC fund managers, there was quite a wide representation. 

Following this open share time, we were formally welcomed in a reception in the plush gardens of the Shangri-La Hotel which offered a lovely backdrop accented with cool cocktails, Hakka-style food stations, henna tattoo artists and attendees were outfitted with ornate wraps. 

Joining me on this adventure is my entrepreneur daughter, Nina, who was invited and accepted to attend the Girls Track, a highly competitive application process accepting 20 girls worldwide to spend 2 days tackling a global challenge with the intent to pitch their business ideas with the goals of funding and solving this challenge. More to come from Nina’s experience, after I pester her to write her own blog experience, she’s 13 so enough said.

Bringing us to the evening’s reception was Karen Quintos, Dell’s Chief Customer Officer, who welcomed us all to engage with purpose and to network with warmth. 

What a phenomenal kickoff to the DWEN Summit. Stay tuned for more!