Applaudo’s CoFounder Selected for the Central America Leadership Initiative

Jose Giammattei
By Jose Giammattei

Today, I am very excited to announce my participation in the Leadership Initiative for Central America (CALI).

CALI is a network for leaders that aims to strengthen their leadership capabilities to face the social challenges of the Central American region.

Being part of CALI Class #15 is a blessing and a tremendous opportunity for me, for Applaudo Studios and for our country. Having been one of the 4 members selected to represent El Salvador in this program proves that we are ready for growth and development, and it’s our commitment to do everything we can to create the opportunities our country deserves.

CALI: Central America Leadership Initiative 

The Leadership Initiative Foundation for Central America was founded in 2005 by a group of people specialized in the field of Business and Academics, as part of the global network of The Aspen Institute (Aspen Global Leadership Network), to support leaders from different sectors of Central America in their commitment to create better societies.

The CALI Foundation is responsible for managing the CALI community who carries out the leadership transformation program. This program seeks entrepreneurial candidates, leaders in business, public and civil society sectors. Candidates must go through a selection process that is based on nominations and then they are selected based on criteria, such as sector, origin, English proficiency, among others. Subsequently, 24 Central American leaders are selected to be part of the program for 2 years, which is divided into seminars and the development of a social or environmental impact project.

The goal of the CALI Foundation program is to enrich the vision and leadership capabilities of each candidate, in order to improve the situation in Central America and the world.

It is definitely an honor to be chosen from among many candidates in the country to join 24 of the most outstanding leaders within the region. Also, three incredible Salvadoran entrepreneurs will join me on this journey, they are Lula Mena, Johnny Wright Sol, and Dr. Mauricio Antonio Maza. I’m thrilled to share knowledge and expertise with exceptional leaders from diverse industries and sectors, in the hopes of achieving a more inclusive development of Central America.

In Applaudo, there’s nothing we will want to achieve to face the social challenges of Central America in the next 20 years that will not involve digital tools and technology to accomplish it. We want to play a proactive role to impact our society, to create a better country, a better region in the eyes of the world. We have leaders, we have the talent and the resources to make this possible.