Applaudo Studios: Most Appealing Company To Work For In Tech

Ana Morales
By Ana Morales

Applaudo Studios debuts and ranks #1 in the Most Appealing Companies To Work For by Tecoloco in 2019. 

For us, it has been an enormous surprise to be recognized as #1 Most Appealing Company To Work For in the Tech category in El Salvador. This award is given by Tecoloco, a recruitment agency, whose goal is to connect candidates with the best companies in the region.

Annually, Tecoloco creates a public survey that is distributed to a few thousand people who choose their top 5 most appealing companies to work for among several industries that go from Technology sector and Pharmaceutical sector to Financial services and Commercial industry.

This year, the results were the opinion of more than 8,500 people who voluntarily participated. The survey shows the Salvadoran workforce’s opinion and what they value the most from local companies in terms of work environment, benefits above the law, organizational culture, among others.

“It’s a true blessing to be part of this and a tremendous good surprise coming from a public measure of our employer brand out there. To be the only ‘ground up startup’ to debut and rank #1 in their category is truly amazing, it tells a great story of all the good work put up to build what we have built as a company,” shared Darwin Romero, co-founder and Chief Revenue Officer.

Some of the key factors that are evaluated are brand recognition, brand reputation, leadership, and employer brand.

Without our team, this wouldn’t have been possible. Each one of them plays an important role that makes Applaudo stand out from the rest.

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