Applaudo Signs Tech Scholarship Program Cooperation Agreement

By applaudo

The agreement will enable the profesional development of more young Salvadorans in Tech careers.

We have the honor to announce that we signed a Tech Scholarship Program Cooperation Agreement along with the National Youth Institute (INJUVE), Kodigo Programming Academy, and the Presidential Commission on Youth Development Projects.

This agreement consists of awarding 400 scholarships within the framework of Applaudo Studios’ Trainee Program and 220 scholarships within the framework of the Kodigo’s Bootcamp Program, in a period of 5 years. This will begin in January 2020 and will end in December 2024. This effort is intended for young people who will be selected by the INJUVE and the Office of the Commissioner. 

This program seeks to strengthen self-learning, teamwork, and soft skills in young Salvadorans, as well as develop skills in the area of ​​Software Development and basic and technical English. The agreement will conclude with the placement of students through the employment portal of Applaudo Studios and KODIGO. 

Through this agreement, the development of alliances between Applaudo Studios, KODIGO and the Government of El Salvador will boost and enhance the growing sector of Software Development and Programming in the country, as well as the commitment with the Salvadoran youth on their professional and integral development. 

It is essential for our country to leverage innovation and technology in agreements such as this one in order to take advantage of the Fourth Industrial Revolution and solve the economic and social issues that affect the Salvadoran population through disruptive solutions.

The signing of the agreement was leaded by Marcela Balbina Pineda Erazo, General Director of the National Institute of Youth “INJUVE”; Fernando Kriete Sol, President and Legal Representative of KODIGO Programming Academy, José Luis Giammatei Larios, CoFounder of Applaudo Studios, Darwin Isaac Romero Membreño, CoFounder of Applaudo Studios and Salvador Manuel Alas Coto, Presidential Commissioner on Youth Development Projects as Manager and Witness of Honor.

About Applaudo Studios

The leading Software Development company in El Salvador, who has managed to become an international reference for its world-class Software Development and having as its main purpose to create technological services of high added value to generate better income opportunities for the country, through the creation of highly qualified jobs.


KODIGO is a high impact social programming and entrepreneurship academy whose objective is to develop in the Salvadoran youth the capacities to enter the labor market as leaders in the area of ​​Programming, Technology and Software Development.