Applaudo at Facebook F8 Developer’s Conference 2019

Gary Torres
By Gary Torres

Last week I had the chance to go and experience first hand all the amazing innovations the Facebook team is pushing forwards at their annual F8 event held in San Jose, California.

As expected by many, the event kicked off on Tuesday with a great keynote by Mark Zuckerberg all focused on security, privacy and the future of the company aiming towards building a more private way of interacting followed by an array of great talks by Facebook and other partners about the latest Facebook technologies and how they can give you the advantage in such a competitive market.

How can we leverage all the Facebook technologies to provide better services and experiences to our customers? These are my three most important takeaways from the event:

Focus on privacy

As Facebook continues updating their policies towards privacy, we will see more and more services out there also making privacy a priority to the extent that easy-to-understand and accessible privacy settings become a required feature of every new system built with or without Facebook technologies.

Also, keep in mind that Facebook continues to restrict access to their users’ information through their API as well as increase the level of restrictions in their review process. This means that if your system uses Facebook it needs to be adapted to follow the privacy guidelines.

All of these are great news! Privacy should always be a priority across the industry.

Create conversational experiences

A common trend over the different talks during the F8 was related to Messenger and its new capabilities that will enable businesses to get closer to customers through it. All the way from technical talks to marketing strategy, Facebook showcased all the great things Messenger can do, far more than customer support and chats.

We can expect that bots become smarter and more businesses enable Messenger as a way of increasing sales and loyalty through their lead capture features.

Read more about the technical capabilities of their API and also success cases to get ideas on how you can implement conversational experiences for your business using Messenger.

Immersive technologies for everyone

Facebook has always been at the forefront of VR through their Oculus platform and more recently on AR through Instagram and its interactive filters and masks. Now they are opening these technologies through their Spark AR Studio tools to craft immersive and interactive experiences.

What really wows me about this is that they have put a lot of effort into allowing these experiences to run on all end devices. This means that more people can get to interact with your brand through AR no matter if they have the greatest and latest devices or a low-end specs phone.

Imagine trying a new pair of shoes before you buy them just by using AR. All that is possible now! Check out Spark AR for more info on how to do it.

The event was a blast, and having the chance to meet the creators of new technologies was a great experience, but even more important is that having Facebook pushing for more privacy means that the landscape of technology will change towards a better, more secure and private future.

Of course, there were many other topics, like the redesign of their apps and, their new Oculus Quest, Portal devices and many other things that would make this post too long. You can learn more about these and watch their presentations at the official F8 site.

At Applaudo we are super excited about all of these announcements and technologies. If you need help on implementing any of these on your projects feel free to contact us! We will be more than happy to meet you and help your ideas grow into successful technology businesses.

Until next year!