5 Reasons Why You Should Bet on JavaScript in 2020

Roberto Hernández
By Roberto Hernández

Looking to learn to code? Or are you curious to learn a new programming language? You’ve arrived at the right piece, where you’ll clear yourself of any doubts you usually face at that precise moment.

Today I will give you five reasons why you should bet on JavaScript. In the end, you’ll realize the power of creating for the Back-end, the Front-end, the desktop, and mobile. Is this not really incredible?

As I said before, whether you’re thinking about learning to program or you simply want to learn a new programming language, the first thing that comes to mind is which programming language you should learn, isn’t it?

Great, you’re making decisions. However, your mind is going to explode with the next battle. Let’s see, PHP sounds useful because I can build web pages and server-side web applications. Java seems to be used a lot at the corporate level, Python is highly recommended everywhere too, and with C#, I don’t know too much about it so far.

Ok, I think I’ve decided: I think I should learn this one — or this one. Wait, maybe it’s a better idea to get feedback from my friend the software engineer. In the end, their suggestion was to choose one and that’s it; it really doesn’t matter which one. Wow, this is so complicated. Stop! Stop!

Let’s get rid of that battle. I’ll give you compelling reasons why JavaScript represents a safe bet when choosing a programming language.

1. The Power of Creating Apps for Back End, Front End, Desktop, and Mobile

From my point of view, this one is the most important reasons why you should bet on JavaScript in 2020, and even beyond.

Some years ago, you only had the power to create applications with JavaScript for the Front-end and later for the Back-end. However, in 2020, you have the ability to create desktop apps built with Electron, which is a framework for creating native applications with web technologies like JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. Some examples of this are: Slack, Whatsapp, Discord, Atlassian, Skype and so on — actually, there is an endless list.

Still not convinced? In 2015 we got React Native, which is an open-source mobile application framework created by Facebook. Now you have the power to use JS/ReactJS to build cross-platform apps: IOS, Android, and web. Is that not really awesome and tempting?

What you need to focus on is that if you know, understand, and stick to the JavaScript core principles, you’ll have the power to create cross-platform apps. JUST ONCE.

2. JavaScript Lives in the Browser and It Runs Everywhere

JavaScript is the standard language of the web. Indeed, it is the de facto language. In 2020, if you learn it, you’ll be able to build not just modern web applications but also any applications for any device and platform.

In addition, you probably have noticed how technologies as a whole are changing. They’re changing in such a huge way that you won’t have finished learning a version completely before a new one is released. And the worst thing is that sometimes they are totally incompatible.

Since JavaScript runs in the browser, you don’t need to pass through any of the pain of the environment or of the editor’s configuration.

3. JavaScript is One of the Most Important Pieces in Almost All Websites

Try to disable JavaScript for a minute in the browser and everything will become a headache. You will see how your favorite sites will stop working because they depend heavily on JavaScript. Spotify, Facebook, and Instagram are not even going to load, and you won’t be able to stream music or post comments. Also, Twitter will not update its tweets every second.

4. JavaScript Is the Most Popular Programming Language in the World

Based on the Stack Overflow Developer Survey 2019, for the seventh year in a row, JavaScript is not just the most popular programming language but also the one most commonly used around the world. Because of that fact, it becomes a good choice either for beginners or seasoned developers.

5. There Are a Bunch of Job Offers Everywhere

The last one isn’t the least important. If you are thinking to quit your current job or you’re looking for a new one, you’ll notice a bunch of job offers out there in the JavaScript world. You’ll have great odds of getting in fast and working on an exciting job, on your dream. However, wait a minute — it will not be too easy unless you’re prepared. So please, check the resources in my piece “5 Front-End Predictions and Trends for 2020,” which will help you to achieve your goal of a new job.

Wrapping Things Up

Certainly, there are more reasons than these to bet on JavaScript. However, let’s summarize them.

Thanks for reading! I hope this piece turned out to be helpful for you.

About the author

Roberto Hernández

Graduated from Computer Science Engineering from Universidad Gerardo Barrios. Roberto has over 6 years of experience in Web Development. He’s currently a Frontend Developer at Applaudo Studios.