14 Apps Recommended By PR Professionals

Ana Morales
By Ana Morales

There's no doubt that technology has made our life easier and it is hard to remember once smartphones, computers, and apps weren't a part of our daily life.

Apps have changed the way we communicate and how we interact with other people. It has brought us closer to those who are far away in just one click, either by text, call or a video call.

Today you can find apps for every type of need and it is amazing how they have helped us to be more organized, to keep track of our foods, to simplify our daily tasks and to make our work more efficient.

“Babbler is a must-have app for all PR professionals. The platform gives brands, PR freelancers and PR agencies the ability to promote and post story angles/pitches using its mobile platform.”

– Katina Kenyon, VP of Sales and Marketing

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