12 Predictions For How VR Will Change The Future Of Advertising

Ana Morales
By Ana Morales

Virtual reality is changing the way businesses interact with customers. From video games to healthcare, VR is helping deliver a whole new experience for customers to get to know products and services.

Advertising is no exception to VR technology and in the future, we know it is going to lead the way. Implementing VR can change the way you connect to customers and can increase your advertising strategy by creating more options to build a better relationship with your target.

“Advertising will be even more interactive, and users will be willing to make final decisions from anywhere since experiences will be through a virtual world, where potential customers will be able to feel the product or test the service without being physically present. Emotional connections will flourish as a consequence of experiences that resemble real life.”

Katina Kenyon, VP of Sales and Marketing

In the next Forbes Agency Council article, Katina Kenyon and other Marketing experts share their predictions on how VR will change the future of advertising: