11 Ways To Train A Newly Minted Developer

Ana Morales
By Ana Morales

Hiring newly graduated developers is a great way to access to a fresh pool of talent, as long as they can integrate quickly with your company.

Recruiting is a particularly tough job for any company, especially in the tech industry where qualified and eligible applicants are hard to find. That’s why at some point you will hire junior team members or newly graduated developers whose work experience is small and like any new member, you want them to be as productive as possible.

How can you help your new junior developers integrate with the team?

“There are basic areas you must tackle in order to create a great foundation: project planning, code structure and collaborative working.”
– Jose Giammattei, co-founder and Chief Operating Officer

“Key puzzle pieces for training new developers are having a great curriculum, online training and classroom activities. But you need a keystone to bond it all together.”
– Darwin Romero, co-founder and Chief Revenue Officer

Let them participate in projects with a mentor by their side as guidance and allow them to grow, learn and showcase the full range of their technical ability.

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