11 Creative Ways To Recognize Employee Success

Ana Morales
By Ana Morales

Employees make our businesses work. They put dedication, time and effort into each task, that's why it is always good to make them feel appreciated for their hard work.

Lack of management’s recognition of employee job performance is one of the top reasons why employees quit their job. You may be a big company, with years in the market, recognized among everyone, but what if you never give a “thank you” to your employees? People will start feeling unappreciated as if their work is taken for granted, especially if they are putting a lot of effort into it.

Promotions and money rewards are great ways to keep that motivation going, but words of encouragement and public recognition are little details that can make a big difference with your employees.

“We spend the majority of our waking hours at work, sacrificing time from our families and giving to our companies in countless ways. Inviting family members to recognition events and company parties are table stakes, so next time you want to recognize an employee, pick up the phone and call their significant other and thank them for allowing you to have their loved one contribute to your company.”

– Katina Kenyon, VP of Sales and Marketing

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